This book’s purpose is to explain my flying dreams and share my knowledge and thoughts with the world and the intersection between the dream world and the real world, deciphering all the information flowing through me. Unfortunately, this will not be easy because most of the data from the dream world are encrypted; as we all know, everyone has a different dream world, and flying the dreams is mine. And the imagination, if I could bring all the beautiful things I see in the dream world to the real world and replace everyone’s nightmare with flying dreams, my job is done here on earth. My purpose is to give human beings access to fly across the stars. The whole point of all this is to help humanity ultimately conquer the universe, to help Africa, Biafra, Nigeria, and the world.

This book contains three things: flying dreams, building Nigeria, and building machines to help humanity. These three are things of the future to come. The brightest future for everyone. For every living being on earth.

The idea for this book is to make the world a better place, nothing more, nothing less. I want every child, every woman, and man to have equal rights; it’s the only way to find out who we are and where we come from. We will be greater than we are now. Reaching out to the stars means touching each other in need, love, and happiness. There is no other way. The idea of one person having more money than a whole country will be eliminated, releasing that country’s civilization from slavery and freeing them from global political economic imprisonment. There will be no more than one person swimming in billions of dollars while half the world suffers.